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This article will discuss the profit margins of each of the plants avaiable in Farmville and which is the most profitable for any given scenario.

Farmville Plant Harvest Profits:

So, I've been working though the levels in FarmVille and I've been surprised at how long soybeans remain the most practical. Below are the results of my findings. I will be updating this list as I am able to.

* in each of these cases, it is assumed the maximum number of harvests are done each day, a break down of each of these follows in the next table
**This is an item that was only offered for a brief amount of time

The only reason I tend to recommend against these plants is that they are rather fragile in terms of how easily they can die. That is to say, if you do not harvest them in a timely fashion you can lose the entire crop. that's why I prefer to stick with wait times which are 1 day or longer. However, if you can keep these harvested on a regular basis, they have a higher potential then most of the other plants.

Explanation of Tables

Because there has been some confusion with regard to the above tables. I've added this section to help explain what the numbers in each column represent.

Cost: This is how much it costs to plant this kind of seed in an already plowed field. This is the listed price and it does
not take anything else into consideration

Sell Price: This is how much money you get when this plant is harvested. This is the listed price and does not take any
other factors into consideration.

Time (days): This is how many days it takes for the plant to mature. For plants which mature in less then one day a value less then 1 will be displayed. These values are arrived at with the following formula.

Time (Days) = Time(hrs)/24

Weekly Profit: This is how much money you would make if you planted the same crop and harvested it at the same time every day for a week. It should be noted that a farmville day is 23 hours. The reason this is listed is because it may be impractical to harvest every 23 hours, since this would result in having to harvest it one hour earlier every day. Additionally, these numbers take into account the plowing cost of 15. The formula used is as follows.

Weekly Profit = 7 x ((Sell Price – (Seed Cost + 15)) / Time)

Weekly Profit: This is how much money you would make if you planted the same crop and harvested it as soon as it was ready and did this for a week. Keep in mind that this is the theoretical maximum and unless you're willing/able to harvest at all hours of the day your number will end up being slightly lower. Because plants that take less then one day were already on an hourly basis the formula is only altered for those plants with harvest times of 1 day or longer.  The formula is as follows

Weekly Profit =  7 x 24 x ((Sell Price – (Seed Cost+15)) /(Time *23))

Hopefully, this will help everyone understand the above tables. While it's true that I do not actually list the plowing cost of 15 anywhere in the tables. They do take it into account.
The most profitable plant to harvest:

Assemble up your Facebook Farmville account by planting strawberries only. Complete this task at least 3 times a day for the first four days. Add more plots of strawberries as you progress the levels and can afford it. Don't purchase anything but the berries to grow.

Plant the entire field with strawberries day after day for as many times as you possibly can on Facebook Farmville. Once you can use your whole plot (12 squares by 12 squares= 144) for berries you are spending 1440 but earning 5040 a pop so your profit is 3,600 (earnings-cost=profit). Deposit the berries like this three times a day for the 4 days and you have $57,600.

Keep progressing upwards in dollars by planting strawberries and you will see the results add up quickly. Expand your farm plot quickly by adding neighbors and getting the experience.

Some may wonder why sow berries only on Facebook Farmville when they are the cheapest to purchase and the lowest in return. Do the math here folks in the time you can plant and harvest artichoke with a sell price of $204 dollars you can plant and harvest 24 berries plants where you will profit $600 bucks. That is for one square. Imagine if you planted all 144 squares with berries.

To place 144 squares of strawberries on Facebook Farmville, you will spend $1,440 and sell for $5,040 dollars with a profit of $3,600 for the four hours it takes to ripen.

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If place the Artichoke that will cost you $10,000 and you sell them for $29,376, which looks great, but it takes four days to harvest these. You can replace harvest a field of strawberries 24 times in the period that it takes those artichokes to mature.

Multiple 24 times the profit of 3,600 you get per harvest of strawberries and get 90,000. I would rather do the red-berries because I can triple my money easily.

The artichokes harvest in 4 days while the red-berries ripen in 4 hours in the game Facebook Farmville. Therefore, you can plant the same plot of strawberries 24 times in that 4-day period and profit $636 more with the same plot.

Strawberries ripen and are ready for harvest in 4 hours. Pick them quick or you will lose thousands of cash. Do this right, follow the outline I have laid and you will turn out to be a very rich farmer in no time at all. You will develop into the richest farmer on Facebook Farmville and be the envy of all your friends.
How to plant, grow and harvest your farm fast!!

They way to this is very simple. You have to trap your farmer in order for him not to move. This way, he won't have to move all the way to a place to do anything, and he will do it from a distance, saving you a great deal of time. You can use almost anything to trap him, from fencing to hay bales.

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Farmville Tips And Hints – Plant Harvest Profits

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